• The Experience

    Welcome to the last stage of your learning.

  • You are fluent in Spanish but want to go further in the understanding of the Spanish mindset and culture.

    You want to "keep in touch" with the language but live miles away of a Spanish speaking country.

    You want to understand the deep layers of Spanish fully.

    YES! But how do I do that?

  • The last stage of language acquisition is all about being in contact and exposed to the language and culture as you would be if you were living in a Spanish speaking country.

  • Compass Spanish - The Experience 

    provides that frame:

    Ok. Tell me how.


    Get the underlying mindset

    By the means of lessons around culture and language.

    In contact with the language

    If you have the time, we offer you the access

    You will have access to regular webinars, video calls, discussion panels, clubs, lessons, and a community in Spanish.



    A varied range of resources (movies, books, activities, lessons...) you can use at your discretion for personal use or for your lessons if you are a teacher of Spanish.


    The cultural clubs

    We offer a cine club and a bookclub to discuss cultural aspects of the Spanish culture.

    Also webinars around different language and culture topics where you can participate and interact.


    Video calls

    The aforementioned clubs are a space for discussion, along with the video calls where you can ask your questions and interact with the rest of the attendees and the teacher.


    We share

    The private Facebook group is a platform for us to connect in between the webinars and video calls, to discuss, to ask and to share. But remember, in Spanish!

  • Materials and Ideas for your lessons

    If you are a Spanish teacher, not only you will be in touch with the Spanish culture and language but you will also get ideas to use in your lessons.

  • We Connect

    Video calls and a private Facebook group

    Video Calls & Webinars

    Facebook Group

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  • Pricing

    Lifetime access


    A Full On Experience

    • Monthly lessons (12 lessons + lesson plans)
    • Videos
    • Interactions in the group
    • Access to resources
    • Bookclub 
    • Cine Club (monthly video call to discuss it)
    • Monthly thematic webinar (according month lesson)
    • Email Support



    Monthly subscription

    45€ per month


    Year subscription


  • I am in!

    Lifetime access to materials, discussions and a community of Spanish learners and teachers.

  • Meet the creator team

    The teachers

    Ewa Bazarnicka



    María Ortega García

    Teacher of Spanish language & culture